Care Instructions



CUSHIONS  |  Cover: to be dry cleaned only.  Inner: Care for the environment, wash at 30°C


LAPTOP SLEEVES  |  Protect the wooden button with some plastic and a rubber band.  Care for the environment, wash inside out at 30°C


















HANDBAGS  |  You can wipe clean or hand wash your bag but be sure to keep the leather dry.  If you wish, you can pop it in the washing machine it at 30°C, but you’ll need to remove the strap. Here’s how: You’ll need a screwdriver and some pliers.  Hold the back of the rivet with the pliers and unscrew the front. Be careful not to loose any parts.  If the holes close up a little, use a knitting needle or something similar to re-shape the hole.

We recommend using a leather conditioning cream to keep the leather supple and stop it from drying out.



















MUGS  |   Both bone china and enamel mugs are dishwasher safe. Bone China mugs are also microwave safe



TEA TOWELS  |  Care for the environment, wash at 30°C



Laptop sleeve care instructions
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Handbag care instructions
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