Dazzle Collection


The Dazzle Collection is inspired by the camouflaged ships from World War I painted with complex patterns of geometric shapes in contrasting colours, interrupting and intersecting each other.  The design tricked the eye making it hard to judge distance, quantity and size of ships.


I have been working with artist Alex Hollweg whose grandfather Edward Wadsworth supervised the camouflaging of over 2,000 ships during the First World War, he then went on to paint a series of canvases of dazzle ships after the war, based on his wartime work.

I hand drew and designed the patterns then put the design onto Bone China Mugs in my studio in Bristol.

Made from bone china the mugs have a fine rim and that almost translucent quality, that you can only get with Bone China... It's true what they say, Tea really does taste better in Bone China!