This placemat is for all the Bike lovers out there!  As we know, bike lovers are addicted to all things bike, so this is a prefect gift.  Can also be taken out on a day trip out as part of your essential picnic kit - put your sandwiches on it or your selection of cheeses - easy to clean, just wipe with a damp cloth...  

The drawing was made by Alice in her Bristol studio.


- The hardboard in the middle is FSC certified, sustainable sourced Eucalyptus board.
- The are 100% made in the UK
- They can be used as serving mats for hot dishes as they take heats up to 140 degrees
- They are great children’s tablemats, providing that extra bit of protection for your table from the mucky pups!
- Their use is not limited to table mats, they can be used as display/cheese board serving mats - they can even be used as mouse pads!


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Bike Placemat

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  • 242 x 191 x 3.2
    Cork base
    Wipe Clean