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The Underwater Collection is a group of 5 bone china mugs with drawing of various Underwater animals.  We have the Jellyfish with its long tentacles going across the mug, an Octopus during a get away squirting ink on the other side of the mug, a Blue Whale with a baby calf on the other side of the mug, a shoal of goldfish with on anarchist goldfish swimming in the opposite direction and a beautiful bright Lobster.

Each mug has its drawing by Alice, placed onto it by hand in our Bristol Studio. You can also get the lovely light and fresh feel collection in Coasters, Placemats and digital prints.


Made from bone china the mugs have a fine rim and that almost translucent quality, that you can only get with Bone China... It's true what they say, Tea really does taste better in Bone China!

Dishwasher Safe | 14oz | Height 9cm x Diameter 9cm


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Set of Underwater Animal Bone China Mugs