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Donate a Tree 🌿

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I am thrilled to be working with the UK charity, Tree Sisters! Tree Sisters are dedicated to replenishing the Earth’s forests and have successfully planted over 12.5 million trees across the planet.  As you know the environment is extremely important to me, so if you buy a tree for just 40p, I will too!

Planting trees is an extremely effective way of giving back to the environment what we have taken. They literally help us breathe!

Trees protect our soils and enrich the earth. They clean our air, rivers and waterways and create lush ecosystems for humans and wildlife to thrive in.

Tree Sisters also support woman. Research tells us that women are more disproportionately impacted by Climate change than men due to underlying socioeconomic, political, and legal barriers that limit their choices. If women’s leadership and participation in environmental issues increases there are opportunities to build resilient communities, Improve business practice and place sustainability at the heart of decision making. Whoop!