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Get the Set: Weekend Explorer | Enamel Mugs With Lids

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With Lids?


The 'Weekend Explorer' collection is made up of drawings from exciting weekend trips getting away from it all in the great outdoors.  The designs represent the freedom of packing up and escaping for the weekend.  Hand illustrated by me in a simple colour block design, the 'Weekend Explorer' collection also includes 'Beach', 'Lake', 'Ski', 'Tent' and 'Boat', all minimal and evocative.  They come with lids to keep the heat in and the sand or bugs out! Perfect to take on walks in nature, picnics, gardening, days out at the beach and camping holidays. 


As a rustic collection, all hand illustrated and made individually by me, these mugs sometimes have an occasional lump or bump which all just adds to their charm and uniqueness.

All the designs in this collection are available as digital prints, greetings cards, coasters and placemats.


Rustic Enamel Mug with Lid

10oz | H 8cm | D 8cm | Lid H 3cm

Sold individually.


Made in Bristol, UK.

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