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Mushrooms | Enamel Mug

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This enamel mug design is inspired by my long walks in the countryside, foraging for common as well as elusive wild mushrooms! 

The Fly Agaric, Chanterelle, Oyster, Wax Cap, Cep, Coral Fungus, Scarlet Elf Cap and the Inky Cap are all drawn with their own unique quirks.  These mugs are great to take along on walks and picnics, spotting those mushrooms as you go....This is great gift for any mushroom enthusiast and the lid keeps your drink toasty warm and the bugs out!

'Mushrooms' is one of five designs in the 'Foraging' collection, along with 'Tree ID', 'Wild Foods', 'Wild Flowers', and 'Berries'.  As a rustic collection, all hand illustrated and made individually, these mugs sometimes have an occasional lump or bump which all just adds to their charm and uniqueness.


Disclaimer : Please note these illustrations are intended as foraging inspiration only. Make sure to refer to other reliable sources to identify plants and their uses correctly.  Wild Mushrooms are notoriously difficult to identify and can be deadly so should only be foraged by an experienced adult.


All the designs in this collection are available as a digital print. 


Rustic Enamel mug

Lid sold separately

10oz | H 8cm | D 8cm | Lid H 3cm

Sold individually.


Made in Bristol, UK.

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