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Set of Jungle Animal Bone China Mugs

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Get the set and get a sneaky discount!

The Jungle Collection is a group of 7 bone china mugs with drawings of various tropical animals.  We have the Chameleon with it's tongue eating a bug on the other side of the mug, a Parrot with it's colourful wings flying across the mug, a Gecko with it's sticky feet clinging to the mug, a Toucan and Cockatoo on opposite sides of the mug, a bright green Tree Frog ready to jump across the mug and finally and Tiger ready to pounce.  The perfect gift for any animal lover!.


The designs have been hand drawn by me, Alice Rolfe, in my Bristol studio and placed onto the mug using very high temperatures to adhere it to the surface, making it a very fine product.  The result is a very durable mug that lasts and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

You can also get the lovely light and fresh collection in coasters, placemats and digital prints.


It is a more elegant and refined type of porcelain and is claimed to genuinely improve the taste of a cup of tea, it has a nice fine rim and when held up to the light is slightly translucent.


The mug is a hearty size holding around 14oz (rather than the usual 11oz) so you can get a proper cuppa out of it.


Comes in biodegradable bubble wrap in a recyclable, cardboard mailing box.

Made in Bristol UK from bone china. 
Dishwasher and Microwave Safe | 14oz | H 9cm x D 9cm


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