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Sounds Collection Bone China Mugs

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Do sounds have shapes and forms to you? I was a bit deaf when I was a kid, I had an operation, which fixed it, but now I find myself so sensitive to sound that I see shapes or rather hear shapes when certain music or noise is made. My Sounds Collection consists of drawings I made while listening and being absorbed by the sounds around me.


Tangle has green lines with blue dots moving horizontally breaking up the lines, with flecks of mauve overlapping it all.

Haze has a repetitive but confused pattern with many layers of colours and textures overlapping.

Blur has ocean green dots falling in lines with blue and grey splashes darting in between.

Fuzz has strong bold red triangles with subtler curvy pinks and splashes of black and grey.


Bone China is delicate and fine and when held up to the light is slightly translucent. The mug is a hearty size around holding 14oz (rather than the usual 11oz) so you can get a proper cuppa out of it. 

The mug comes wrapped in biodegradable bubble wrap in a recyclable cardboard mailing box.

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe.

| 14oz | H 9cm x D 9cm


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