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Tropical Times!

May 3, 2017


After 4 years of basically working non-stop on the business (we all know what it's like!) I WENT ON HOLIDAY!!! Whoop Whoop.

Although I tried to turn my work brain off it's hard not to be inspired by the beauty of the Indian landscape, the colours, sounds and textures of its nature.  So on my return I turned some of my sketches in to the
🌴Tropical Collection🌴



The Tropical Collection consists of four designs: 
Cabbage  |  Banana  |  Cheese  |  Palm




Bone China Mug  |   Dishwasher & Microwave safe  |  9 x 9 x 9cm  |  14oz




Coasters  |  Wipe clean  |  9 x 9 x 0.4cm





So, lets talk about my bathroom...!

Lets call it 'open plan'.
While taking a shower I was able to watch monkeys jumping through the trees and the branches and leaves move with them - it was pretty stunning.





























Cows on the beach in my world is pretty random, but i loved the contrast between the white sand and the deep browns and blacks of the cows - not to mention the colours of the fishing boat.  Green and red, my favorite!






The fresh crisp 6am air and the beautiful shapes of the leaves was all the inspiration I needed.  I took images from my sketch book and played around with them on the mug to find the right compositions and colourways.  I then adapted them for the Coasters, and placemats will arrive soon!











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