🎄Christmas Markets🎄

To Christmas Market or not to Christmas Market?

Usually at this time of year I am in a constant state of stress and exhaustion – It’s Christmas Market season…

The build up to Christmas starts around September, when i start making and applying for markets and fairs and prepping for my wholesale and online orders – it takes a lot of work and long hours. Usually I do Bath Christmas Market which involves staying at the market all day, then driving straight back to the studio at about 9pm, re-stock for the next day and do a full day of work which I missed whilst at the market. I usually leave the studio around 1am, then up early to send my web orders, drive to Bath, restock and set up.

It’s a grueling time, cold and exhausted I’m having to be ‘on it’ with customers answering questions and being upbeat and jolly with them – but it can be a hard time, especially when a passing customer says something negative, I have been in tears at times!!! But when someone says something lovely and positive it’s so rewarding and really makes it all worth it. It’s really encouraging to get feedback and understand my customers better.

This year however it’s all different. I’ve decided not to do ANY markets! I realised I needed a break. Over the last couple of years I’ve been trying hard to create a better work/life balance. It’s been absolutely fantastic, but it all gets forgotten around Christmas time. This is my 7th year of this routine and as I am getting closer to the big 4-0 I figured I could rest my weary brain and actually enjoy the season. Whoop to dinner parties with friends, wine in front of the fire and mince pies!

I’m sure I will regret this decision in January when I have no money! But I figure it’s worth a try – I’m sure I’ll be back on it next year.

Instead I am doing a giveaway and a discount code later this week (keep a look out!) and our Open Studio at Garage Studios 14th and 15th December. It’s a lovely day of hanging out with my fellow studio mates and simply opening our studio to the public. I tend to sell my samples and seconds Bone China Mugs and Placemats, and a few of my older items like tea towels and handbags – all at VERY good prices!

Please do pop along if you are in Bristol, you’ll also see original art works, jewellery and clothing by Boodle, My Bear Hands, Aly Dalrymple and


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