Green Decisions 🌳🌴🌲

Making ethical and sustainable decisions has been an important part of the business from the very beginning. I started out printing on to t-shirts which were Fairwear meaning they were made from organic cotton, dyed with natural inks and made with no child labour and in good conditions. The bags i printed onto were made by Freeset, a company based in India who employ woman who want to leave the sex trade. They teach them to sew, read and wright and progress them through the business giving them experience and qualifications. The tea towels i printed on were organic cotton and made in the UK by a company who employed disabled people to teach them skills and help them into work. The ink i use is organic water based ink, not the plastic version which eventually ends up in the sea.

Our Placemats and Coasters are made from FSC certified, sustainably sourced Eucalyptus board, making them hard wearing, they are also made in the UK.

More recently i've been ensuring all of my packaging is either recyclable or compostable - this includes cardboard packaging, corn starch cellos, biodegradable bubble bags and paper tape. Sending Bone China Mugs through the post means they inevitably get bumped around so need to be well protected... Eco packaging is easily available now so it's easy to switch. I am always looking for improvements so will continue to make changes when i find better alternative.

Something we've recently added to the collection is ceramic mugs as well as the bone china mugs. This offers a vegan alternative to the collection. Our bone china mugs contain around 20% cow bone. It is sauced as a waste material from the meat industry. Bone is traditionally used because it strengthens the structure of the mug and helps insulate the beverage for longer. The bone china mugs are overall a much better quality mug which is why i chose to use those, and i believe it is positive to make use of the whole animal if it is used for meat, but i want vegans to be able to have our designs in their home too, so ceramic is they way forward!

🌳🌴🌲 Something i do each year is off set my carbon. Some of my products are flown in to the UK, so i off set those emissions by donating to planting trees. I have taken this a little further this year by as well as offering a discount on Black Friday and the following week, i am going to donate £1 from each mug sale to TreeAid. They are a fantastic charity who not only plant trees but "help people in the drylands of Africa to lift themselves out of poverty and protect their environment." At the end of the offer i will let you know how many trees have been planted with the donation. Pop this code: mugsfortrees into the coupon section at Check Out and you'll receive your 20% discount! 🌳🌴🌲

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